New Testament Miracles - The 37 miracles of Jesus.

New Book Release

During His earthly ministry Jesus performed thousands of miracles. From curing all types of diseases, to
calming a storm, to raising people from the dead, Jesus showed His power over and over again. The writers of the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, recorded 37 specific miracles out of the thousands performed. These were selected to give us a better understanding of who Jesus is as well as demonstrate His power and authority. Each miracle has multiple lessons to teach and only by close examination can you see everything Jesus was attempting to teach his followers two thousand years ago, and today.

This book puts the 37 miracles of Jesus in chronological order. Each entry shows the scripture, where the miracle took place, and gives a commentary on the meaning and lessons of the miracle. There are also interesting facts inserted including archaeological discoveries that help put the miracle stories in a proper context. The text also examines possible contradictions in the miracle stories and shows these are not what they seem.

What more can we learn from Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead? Why did Jesus delay in performing miracles for some of those who asked? Get a new perspective on the accounts of all 37 miracles performed by Jesus. The miracles of the New Testament showed Jesus' power during His time on earth, and they still hold power for us today.

This new book is available as an eBook, Paperback, or Hardcover. Which is the only miracle recorded in all four of the gospel accounts? In which city did Jesus perform most of His recorded miracles? How many miracles did Jesus perform that are not recorded in the Bible? How many Americans believe in miracles? Do medical doctors believe in miracles? Find the answers to all of these questions as well as the deeper meaning of the Miracles of Jesus. 

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