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New Testament Miracles
The 37 Miracles of Jesus

During His earthly ministry Jesus performed thousands of miracles. From curing all types of diseases, to calming a storm, to raising people from the dead, Jesus showed His power over and over again. The writers of the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, recorded 37 specific miracles out of the thousands performed. These were selected to give us a better understanding of who Jesus is as well as demonstrate His power and authority. Each miracle has multiple lessons to teach and only by close examination can you see everything Jesus was attempting to teach his followers two thousand years ago, and today.
This book puts the 37 miracles of Jesus in chronological order. Each entry shows the scripture, where the miracle took place, and gives a commentary on the meaning and lessons of the miracle. There are also interesting facts inserted including archaeological discoveries that help put the miracle stories in a proper context. The text also examines possible contradictions in the miracle stories and shows these are not what they seem.
What more can we learn from Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead? Why did Jesus delay in performing miracles for some of those who asked? Get a new perspective on the accounts of all 37 miracles performed by Jesus. The miracles of the New Testament showed Jesus' power during His time on earth, and they still hold power for us today.

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Start your Bible Study today with these easy-to-use Bible Reference Sheets. Single page reference guides to all 66 books of the Bible. Use for your personal Bible Study or print as many copies as needed for study groups or Sunday school classes. Each Bible reference sheet includes author name, dates written, key versus, key figures, and study elements. Includes a separate Bible Summary Sheets for both the Old and New Testaments. This edition also includes the Apocrypha books for a total of 73 reference sheets all conveniently formatted on 8 1/2 x 11 pages for easy printing, copying and laminating. Get your copy of this Bible Study Guide today and incorporate these summary Bible Reference Sheets into your studies.

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The Bible is the inspired word of God, but is the Bible we read today the same Bible our ancestors read? For centuries there were meetings of church leaders to discuss and hash out the contents of the Bible. These included many arguments, disagreements and controversies before the proper Books of the Bible could be decided upon.

Questions and curiosities about the Bible are not limited to the non-believer. Saint Paul in 1 Thessalonians tells us we should not take things at face value.
“...examine everything; hold firmly to that which is good.” (1 Thessalonians 5:21) - Don’t be afraid to ask questions, to seek the truth.

When and how were the books that make up the modern Bible decided upon? Why are there multiple translations of the Bible? Why do some Bibles have 66 books while others have 73 and still others 80 books? Who were the people involved? Which were the most important ancient manuscripts? Do the Dead Sea Scrolls contradict or confirm the Bible? How do the ancient manuscripts found in the Nag Hammadi Library fit into Bible History? and why were the Apocrypha Books excluded from the Bible? Persecuted and outlawed, the early Christians fought to follow their faith and put together a canon of selected scripture which has lasted nearly twenty centuries.

Answers can be difficult, but there are many sources of information available from ancient times and some of the most reliable historians of antiquity. A vast number of ancient manuscripts exist to help confirm what we have today is the Bible the early church leaders intended. The Bible is the greatest story ever told, but there was Some Assembly Required.

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Did the Bible writers get it right? Can we trust the historical aspects of the Bible? What can science, archaeology and history tell us about the historical aspects of the Bible? If the writers got the historical details correct, does it make it easier to believe the divine aspects recorded in the Bible? Examine the evidence for yourself.

The spread of Christianity is not easily explained or understood and confounds critics and believers alike. While this new faith was widely spread by word of mouth, the primary tool for the new religion was the Bible. Even now, nearly 2,000 years later the Bible continues to influence lives all over the world. How can this ancient document continue to have such a profound influence on the world?

How has it survived the changing times and the feeble whims of mankind? While the world has changed so dramatically, the Bible remains the same. The Bible has withstood centuries of attack from critics and non-believers, but it still stands intact.

The Bible has its roots in both theology and history. Some believe the Bible is at its basest form a book of history.

“The Religion of the Bible is broadly speaking, a historically based religion; the primary arena of the Bible is history; the divine manifestation is set essentially in history.”

The Bible is indeed a historically accurate document which can be trusted in all the elements it records regarding history, and therefore should be considered trustworthy and accurate in other areas as well.

Can and should the Bible be taken seriously as an historical document? What does science, archaeology and ancient writings have to say on the subject? All of this and more is covered in 'The Bible As History'

Can Archaeological discoveries offer proof of the Bible's historical accuracy? Did the Bible writer's get the details, the people and places correct? Look at the evidence archaeology can provide. Listed here are 75 of the top Archaeological Discoveries associated with the Bible.

What can Archaeology Prove?

    • King David's Kingdom
    • The Worldwide Flood
    • Peoples of the Bible
    • Ancient Manuscripts
    • The Exodus
    • Hebrew's in Egypt
    • Oldest Religious Structure
    • Seals, Coins and Rings
    • Solomon's Mines
    • ...and much more...

      Examine the evidence for yourself and decide what is true. Get your copy of The Top 75 Discoveries today...

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    Easter, three days that changed the world forever. What can archaeology, science and ancient historical text reveal about the Easter Story? Can we separate the two Easters, the one told of in the Bible and the one with the cute bunny? Examine the evidence, look at the traditions, the myths and the proof.
    In this compact guide we will take a closer look at each of the following elements to examine the peoples and places of the Easter Story.

      • The Last Supper
      • Pontius Pilate
      • High Priest Caiaphus
      • The Method of Death
      • The Cross of Christ
      • The Sun Went Dark
      • The Resurrection
      • Easter Morning
      • The Empty Tomb
      • The Shroud of Turin
      • Tradition and Trivia

        Examine the evidence for yourself, then decide what is true, and what is a fairy tale.

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      What can Archaeology tell us about the Story of Christmas?
      Look at the individual elements of the Christmas Story and examine the scientific and historical evidence concerning this, perhaps the best known story in history. We will separate fact from fiction, truth from legend and myth. Can we separate the commercialism from the true story of Christmas?
      Examine the various elements of the Christmas Story

        • • How was the date for Christmas Selected?
        • • Was there really a census?
        • • Did Bethlehem exist in the 1st century?
        • • Is the story of no rooms at the inn accurate?
        • • Why a manger?
        • • Did the Shepherds have a more significant meaning?
        • • When was Jesus presented at the Temple?
        • • Was there really a Christmas Star?
        • • Who were the Magi?
        • • What was King Herod like?
        • • Was there really a slaughter of infant boys in Bethlehem?
        • • Where did the Holy Family go in Egypt?
        • • Was Nazareth on the map?
        • • Where do the traditions come from?

          Examine the evidence for yourself and separate the fact from myth. - Get your copy of "The Christmas Story" today.

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        “I have found it, God help me, I have found it.”

        With this simple text the race is on across three continents to possess one of the greatest and most important treasures man has ever known. The Cloak, a collection of writings, letters, manuscripts and books belonging to Saint Paul. The same collection the Bible tells us Paul requested be brought to him by Timothy. What letters and manuscripts were included in the Cloak? What books did the Great Missionary carry with him and desire to have in Rome during his final days? The collection would be sought after by thousands, and worth billions. Black market dealers, terrorists, private collectors, the Vatican and numerous world governments will stop at nothing to possess the Cloak.

        Jerrie Knightly, world renowned archivist knows the scholarly value and importance of the Cloak. Phillip Marlow has spent the last two decades working within the Black Market acquiring Biblical artifacts and manuscripts for his billionaire employer. She is a by the book professional, following the proper rules and procedures, and believes there are no short-cuts. He is a man who gets the job done, by whatever means necessary. Now, these two must form an uneasy alliance in order to preserve the Cloak for future generations. These two will have to risk it all, including a dance with the devil if they are to have any hope of success.

        Their obstacles will be many. Traitors within their own group and a masterful double cross by unorthodox terrorists. Jerrie and Phillip will be pursued by both the police and government agents as they race across Egypt in the action-adventure story for the ages. The two will face all but impossible odds to save the Cloak in time. Yet the greatest obstacle they may have to overcome if they are to save The Cloak, is one another.

        Join the hunt for Saint Paul’s cloak in this action-adventure thriller, available in eBook, paperback and hardcover editions. Get your copy today, and have a very precarious dance with the devil…

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        Bible Archaeology

          Excerpt from upcoming book, "200+ Archaeological Discovers."   A Comprehensive Guide to Biblical Archaeology. ... Coming late 20...